International Current Affairs Narendra Modi is the _____ Prime Minister of India.
Reforms, Acts, and Commissions Which act introduced the system of dyarchy in India?
Everyday Science, Sound Which rays do bats and dolphins use to see?
Roza / Fasting On which days fasting is prohibited?
Records in Pakistan Which is the largest hydroelectric power station in Pakistan?
Capital City of World Countries The capital of Croatia is:
Distinctive Names of Countries and Cities etc Which country is called the land of free people?
Culture and Cultural History of Pakistan Which of the Gandhara school reflect the influence of the:
Hajj How many Wajibat are there in Hajj?
Study of Islam, Tawheed and Shirk What is the fourth belief in Iman-e-Mufassal?
There are seven things which are essential for a Muslim to believe in. These are spelled out in detail in the formal declaration of Islamic faith known as Iman Mufassal. Muslims pledge: 1. Faith in Allah; 2. Faith in His angels; 3. Faith in His revealed Books; 4. Faith in all of His messengers or Prophets; 5. Faith in the Last Day or the Day of Judgement; 6. Faith in the doctrine of predestination, which lays down that everything good or bad is decided by God), (Taqdir) and 7. Faith in the life after death.